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Vol. 13 No. 2 (2022)

Published: 2022-05-26

Determinant Elements That Influencing the Intention of Professionals Group Community in Malaysia Toward Healthcare Endowment Via PLS-SEM Analysis

Dr. Hazriah Hasan, Dr. Muhammad Ikmalul Iktimam Mahadhir, Dr. Shah Iskandar Fahmie Ramlee, Dr. Sathiswaran Uthamaputhran, Dr. Kiran Kumar Thoti


Effective Coloring in Single-Valued Neuromorphic Graph

K. V. Udayanatchi, G. Thamizhendhi, K. V. Tamil Selvi


Total Mean Cordial Labeling in Different Graphs

P. Jayaprakash, B. Kalins, K. Nivethitha


Equitable Coloring for Union of Graphs

K. Loura Jency, L. Benedict Michael Raj


An Algorithm of Edge Domination Number on Anti Fuzzy Graph

A. Sasireka, R. Muthuraj , A. H. Nandhu Kishore3


Fuzzy dot KM Ideals on K-Algebras

S. Kailasavalli, K. Prakash, C. Yamini


Doubt Anti Fuzzy Km Ideal On K- Algebras

M. Meenakshi, A. Sekar, J. Kaliga Rani


A Review of Machine Learning (ML) in the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) in the Construction of a Smart Healthcare Structure

Aafreen Qureshi, Shivangi Batra, Prashant Vats, Sandeep Singh, Manu Phogat, Anupam Kumar Sharma


Automated Voice Assistance for Visually Impaired People Using Deep Learning

Dr. J. Preetha, M. Ganthimathi, K. Kamaleshwaran


Tunable optical bandgap of chromium doped Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 system

Ashok Kumar Kusuma, Katrapally Vijaya Kumar, A. T. Raghavender


Radio Harmonic Mean Labeling of Bistar Related Graphs

R. Revathy, Dr. K. Amuthavalli

313 - 321

A Review on Vector Borne Diseases and Controlling Challenges

Mr. Hira G. Manwar, Dr. Rais Abdul Hamid Khan


Blackhole Attacks on DV-Hop Positioning in WSN

Annavaram Kiran Kumar, Dr. R. Praveen Sam, Dr. K. Madhavi


Variational Iteration Method Approach for Fuzzy Initial Value Problem

Maath S. Awad , Nabaa N. Hasan , Rokan Khaji

456 - 465

Prime labeling of Franklin graph

G. Prabhakaran, S. Vijayaraj, V. Ganesan

466 - 473

Energy meter monitoring system using IoT

Sk. Mohammad Shahid , S. Venkata Akhil , Uma Maheswara Rao. M

497 - 501

Extension of MDNFM For Smart Classroom Activity Monitoring

Rahul Kumar Pandey, Dr. Gyanesh Shrivastava, Dr. Umesh Kumar Pandey

502 - 515

Ombudsman In Sweden and Denmark; A Comparative Study

Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma

527 - 537

Phylogenetic Tree Construction to Reveal the Detailed Evolution of SARS-CoV-2

Alaa Khudair Abbas Al-Khafaji, Bashar Talib Al-Nuaimi

538 - 549

Comprehensive Trust Based Service Selection Model in Federated Cloud

Dr. A. Mary Odilya Teena, Dr. A. Isabella Amali, Mrs. I.Roseline Jecintha

568 - 578

Ramanujan Summation for Odd and Even Numbered Triangles

Lt. Dr. S. Abbas, Dr. R. Sivaraman

579 - 589

Cesaro – Like Summation of Fabulous Figurate Numbers

Dr. R. Giridharan, Dr. R. Sivaraman

590 - 594

Vehicle Mechanic Finder

Rohith A, Rohith M, Kirankumar D, Subburaj S, M.Saranya

648 - 654

The flow of university interactive spaces University of Baghdad - Case Study

Architecture Asiel Zaidan Khalaf , Mr. Dr. Mustafa Abdel Jalil Ibrahim

694 - 710

Comparison Of Jacobi Iteration Method And Gauss-Seidel Iteration Method In Solving Fuzzy Linear Equation Systems Using A Computer

Basma Emhamed Dihoum, Lutfia Almukhtar Abu Flijah, Siham Saleh Al-Qiblawi, Somaya Ali Owen

711 - 722

Three Aspects for Special Cases of Linear Programming Problems

Sami Kadhem Al thabhawi, Maha Flah Mahde

730 - 740

Real-Time Conceptual Video Interpretation for Surveillance Systems using Euclidean Norms

LNC. Prakash K, Chengamma Chitteti, Dr. G. Rama Subba Reddy, Dr. S. Saranya,


The Impact of Information Technology on Patient Health and Safety

Dr. Samridhi Tanwar, Ms. Surbhi Bhardwaj

779 - 787

Performance Of Soil Prediction Using Machine Learning For Data Clustering Methods

M. Rajeshwari, N. Shunmuganathan, Dr. R. Sankara subramanian

825 - 831

A Pre-Diagnostic Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease Applying Effectual Machine Learning Models

Tamije Selvy. P, Anitha. M, Abinandhini. K, Anuragini. K , Deepthi Shree. S

851 - 857

Performance Of Soil Prediction Using Machine Learning For Data Clustering Methods

M. Rajeshwari, N. Shunmuganathan, Dr. R. Sankarasubramanian

858 - 864

Analysis of Arithmetic Operations for Fuzzy Numbers

Ajay Kumar, Nishi Gupta, Pooja Dhiman

865 - 873

Comparative Analysis of Defuzzification Techniques for Fuzzy Output

Devender Jain, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pooja Dhiman

874 - 882

Application of RAM in Dual-Hesitant Fuzzy Transportation Problem

H. Fathima, S. Devi, S. Krishna Prabha, P. Hema, S. Sangeetha

924 - 930

Comparing Some Estimators of a Scale Parameter for Pranav Distribution

Ahmed Mohammed Mustafa, Sabah Haseeb Hasan

948 - 954

Factors Affecting Number of Born Children in Iraq

Salisu Ibrahim, Mowafaq Muhammed Al-Kassab, Muhammed Qasim Al-Awjar

955 - 966

Investigating Multicollinearity in Factors Affecting Number of Born Children in Iraq

Salisu Ibrahim, Mowafaq Muhammed Al-Kassab, Muhammed Qasim Al-Awjar

967 - 974

A Survey of Block Chain Technology and its Applications

Dr. V. S. Padmavathy, Dr. A. Jayasudha,

1002 - 1006

Importance Of Big Data And Cloud Computing Techniques In Modern Scenario

Rohit Kumar Verma, Sukhvir Singh, Yogesh Mohan

1024 - 1043

DOM-CHRO Number In Operations On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs

Ambika P, Vinoth Kumar N, Hellan Priya J

1058 - 1062

Optimization Of Process Parameters for Tray Dried Broccoli Powder for The Development of Protein Rich Pizza Base

Poojitha P, Sathanya P S, Divyadharshini S, Ishwarya K, Gowrishankar L, Abishek M, Chinmay Hrithik S N S, Balakrishnaraja R, Sureshkumar J

1101 - 1112

Optimization of spray drying parameters of Amaranthus cruentusjuice using Response Surface Methodology

Gowrishankar L, Ragesh S A, Sudeeptha V Mohan, Raja Rajeshwari E, Divyadharshini S, Sathanya P S, Poojitha P, Balakrishnaraja R, Sureshkumar J

1113 - 1124

Parametric Optimization of Manufacturing of Aluminum Die Casting Hot Die Steel Inserts

Sachin Shinde, Shubhangi Vaikole, Panchikattil Susheelkumar Sreedharan, Jayant Ramesh Nandwalkar

1143 - 1155

Design and Analysis of Lifting Tackle Used for Heavy Loads

Mr. Mangesh R. Jadhav, Dr. Kuldip Rade

1156 - 1164

Study on Approaches for Geospatial Data Security

Prof. Prajakta Bhangale, Dr. Shubhangi Vaikole

1165 - 1169

Employing Adaptive Reuse in The Tourism Development of Historical Sites

Sally Nazar Abdul-Jabbar , Abdelwehab A. Alwehab

1170 - 1183

Usage LSB Method in Hiding Text Information within Text in an Image

Sahar Najah Hussein, Khansaa Azeez Obayes Al-Husseini, Ali Hamzah Obaid

1228 - 1235

On Polynomial Orthogonal of Type I Matrices


1251 - 1258

New Approach for Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problem

Nathiya K, Balasubramanian Kr, Sakthivel K

1274 - 1280

A Review Paper on Emerging Trends of E-Learning in India

Abhishek Srivastava, Subhi Singh, Luxmi Sapra

1281 - 1286

A Framework for low energy application device using combined WSNs with IoT

Dr. M. Sumathi, Dr. S. Prasath, Dr. R. Sankara subramanian

1354 - 1362

Secure Cloud Framework Based on Machine learning Approach

Prasenjit kumar Das, Nidul Sinha, Annappa B

1383 - 1390

Analysis of Accident and Safety system using Black Box

Priyanka Chandanshive, Dr. D. K. Shedge

1407 - 1413

A Survey and Analysis on Online Social Networks

R.Sudha, Dr.N.Uma Maheswari, Dr.R.Venkatesh,


A Statistical Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables Quality Detection and Disease Classification for Smart Farming

M. Sudhakara, K. Ghamya, Dr. Karthik S A, Dr. G. Yamini, V. Mahalakshmi,


Experimental Investigation on Speed and Torque Analysis of Planetary Gearing System

Dadaso D Mohite, Neel R Patil, Siddhikesh B Shinde, Dr. KA Rade

1439 - 1446

Electro spun PAN Nanofiber with Optimized Diameter

Yuvraj V Thorat, Dr Sachin S Chavan, Dadaso D Mohite

1447 - 1454

El-Algebra in Soft Sets

Pooja Yadav, Rashmi Singh

1455 - 1462

Dynamic Image Capturing System for CCTV Managing

Ms. Divya. S, Ms. Saranya.S

1505 - 1509

Potential Negative Effects of Violent Video Games Exposure on Aggressive Behavior Among Children in Pediatric Ward of Nizwa Hospital, Oman

Ameena Sayed Hasan Amin Mohammed Ahmed, Akila Muthukrishnan, Chinnasamy Latha mangeswari, Hariprasath Pandurangan, Naveena J. H, Ibtesam Nomani, Afnan A. Albokhary, Badria A Elfaki, Hassanat E Mustafa, Pushpamala Ramaiah

1554 - 1561

Analyze Remnant Impact of Covid -19 On Breast Cancer Using Machine Learning

Devanand, Dileep Kumar Yadav, Sanjeev Gangwar

1569 - 1575

Fuzzy Time series and its Methods

Dr. V. Vijaya lakshmi, Ms. A. Karpagam, Dr. S. Chitra, Dr. S. Parthasarathy

1585 - 1591

Analyze Remnant Impact of Covid -19 On Breast Cancer Using Machine Learning

Devanand, Dileep Kumar Yadav, Sanjeev Gangwar

1601 - 1608

Preparation And Study of The Properties of Nano Structured Zinc Oxide Prepared by The Hydrothermal Method

Abbas. M. Ali Al-Kifaie, Abbas Hadi Abbas Al-Noamany, Ban Hussein Ali , Ali Abid Abojassim

1609 - 1612

Security Assaults, Its Counter Measures and Difficulties over a Sensor Cloud

Vijayasanthi Maddela, Ashok Patel, K. Rangaswamy, K. Reddy Madhavi


Data Analysis of online product reviews

Vidya Kamma, Sridevi Gutta, D. Teja Santosh


Outfit Recommendation – Using Image Processing

Soham Nair, Krish Patil, Harsh Waghela, Dr. Suvarna Pansambal

1699 - 1706

Blockchain Based Model for Security

Ms. Sonali Mahendra Sonavane, Dr. Prashantha G. R, Ms. Pranjali Deepak Nikam

1707 - 1714

Spatial Clustering with Dynamic Hops for Data routing in WSN for Enhanced QoS Metrics

Panchikattil Susheelkumar, Jayant Nandwalkar, Dnyandeo Pete, Shubhangi Vaikole, Sachin Shinde

1715 - 1730

Analysis And Compilation of Humidity and Temperature Data with The Help Of IOT: A Case Study on Go Green Concept

Dr. B, J, Godboley, Gopal Mulgund, Pandharinath Ghonge, P.M. Choubey, A.D. Sane, S.B. Pimple, A.P. Bhoir

1741 - 1750

Mental Health Diagnostic System using Machine Learning Model

Shubhangi Vaikole, Smaran Ummadishetty, Anushka Vaidya, Chaitanya Keerthi

1751 - 1756

Segmentation of Moving Object captured using Moving Camera

Shubhangi Vaikole, Samidha Kurle, Sachin Shinde, Panchikattil Susheelkumar Sreedharan, Jayant Ramesh Nandwalkar

1757 - 1763

Classification of Traffic Signs using Convolutional Neural Networks

Dr. Shubhangi Vaikole, Makarand Bhalerao, Parth Nimbalkar, Soham Moghe

1764 - 1769

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Mohit Tiwari, Vipul Sharma, Devashish Bala, Devansh, Dishant Kaushal


Algorithmic Trading System

Shubhangi Vaikole, Yash Changare

1805 - 1810

“Development of Rainfall Measurement System using Digital Image Processing Based Multi- Sensor Approach”

Pandharinath A Ghonge, Dr G Mulgund, Dr. B Godboley , Dr. Nilesh Deotale, Dr Arun Saxena , Dr. Kushal R Tuckley

1811 - 1828

Exploring the use of electroencephalogram signals for medical diagnosis

Ms. Pranjali Deepak Nikam, Dr. Prashantha G. R., Ms. Sonali Mahendra Sonavane

1829 - 1835

Machine learning approach on Indian healthcare consumer data

Challa Maruthy Subrahmanyam, Dr Sarita Satpathy, Dr S. K Satpathy

1875 - 1882

Role of healthcare consumerism in public and private hospitals in India

Challa Maruthy Subrahmanyam, Dr Sarita Satpath, Dr S. K Satpathy

1883 - 1896

Study of physical and mechanical properties for natural fiber composites under varying stacking sequence using natural rubber latex resin

Senthil Kumar P, Jegadheesan C, Vinothini R, Abynanth, Ajit Pal Singh, N. Jeyaprakash

1897 - 1904

Factors Influencing Customers' Intentions to Continue Banks' Digital Payment Services

Shilpa Agarwal, Dr. Priyanka Malik, Dr. Shalini Gautam

1905 - 1920

Sushrut- Diagnosis Made Easy

Ms..Srividhya Ganesan, Pallavi Yadav, Pooja Sunil Jadhav, Prapti

1921 - 1928

A CNN Model for Disease Detection in Potato Leaves

Pappu Sah Sudi, Nihit Gupta, Kamlesh Kumar Baniya, Ms. Sindhuja Bangari, Dr. Rachana P

1929 - 1935

Smart Vehicle Accident Alert System

Dr.M.Nirmala, Arjun K, Sunil Kumar R, Karthikeyan S

1936 - 1945

Home Ctrl ware: Design and Fabrication of Home Automation System

Atit Dharmendra Patel, Ayush Kuamr Shah, Partha Jyoti Sarmah, Mahantesh Koda Bagi

1946 - 1953

Bi-Domination in Brick product graphs

Anjaneyulu Mekala, Vijaya Chandra Kumar U, Umesha N, R. Murali

1954 - 1960

Driver Drowsiness Alert System Using Deep Learning

Dr N Pughazendi, Thyagarajan C, N. Sathish, Yeluri Harish, Venkata Sai Prakash Y, Gattu Ashish, Dr. Rashmita Khilar

1978 - 1988

Deep learning approach for Counting the presence of the people in real-time using OpenCV

S. S. Subashka Ramesh, M.S. Minu, Sanapathi Harshit, Vamshi Reddy, Aravind Pranav

1989 - 2005

Real Time Driver Drowsiness Detection Based on Convolution Neural Network

M.A. Ahmed, Harith A. Hussein, Mohammed Basim Omar, Qabas A Hameed

2006 - 2012

Development of Augmented reality-based object recognition mobile application with Vuforia

Qabas A Hameed, Harith A. Hussein, M.A. Ahmed, Mohammed Basim Omar

2039 - 2046

Potential Load-Based Virtualization Selection on Overloaded Cloud Hosts

Dr. D. Ganesh, Ms. Inja Akhila, Mr. Kondreddy Sashank Reddy

2053 - 2059

The Conductance of Single - Electron Charging In Metallic Quantum Dots

Lamessa Gudata, Arega Wakjira, Abel Saka

2060 - 2067

Bounded-Addition Fuzzy Simple Splicing Systems

Mohd Pawiro Santono, Mathuri Selvarajoo, Wan Heng Fong, Nor Haniza Sarmin

2079 - 2089

An Efficient Enhanced Dynamic Load Balancing Weighted Round Robin Algorithm for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing

Syed Abuthahir S., Subash Chandra Bose Jaganathan, Ramesh Saha, Sivakoumar R., Galeebathullah B., S. Kannadhasan

2121 - 2128

Examination of the viability of a common maintenance practice for transit mixers in ready mix concrete plants.

Dr. Gopal Mulugund, Dr. Reuben Buthello, Dr. B.J. Godboley, Dr. Pandharinath Ghonge

2135 - 2142

Demographic Characteristics As The Basis For Determining The Marketing Mix Of Executive Polyclinic Dr. Hasri Ainun Habibie Hospital Parepare

Taufiq, Fuad Husain Akbar, Ayub Irmadani Anwar, Hasanuddin Thahir, Alifia Ayu Delima, Marhama, Nursyamsi

2143 - 2148

Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

Dr Syed Jahangir Badashah, Bhavishya Reddy. K, Likitha G , N. Usha


Review Of Machine Learning-Based Disease Diagnosis and Severity Estimation of Covid-19

Mr. Shaik Khasim Saheb, Dr. B. Narayanan, Dr. Thota Venkat Narayana Rao


Vibration monitoring system based on ADXL335 accelerometer and Arduino Mega2560 interface

Keshav H. Jatakar, Gopal Mulgund, A. D. Patange, B. B. Deshmukh, Kishor S. Rambhad, Arun Saxena, Vijay Kalbande


Biomimicry Design Spiral: Nature as A model

Donya Hameed Ali Alanbari, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sajeda Kadim Alkindi, Prof. Dr. Shaimaa Hameed Al_Ahbabi


Craniofacial Fractures Studies On Association Of Midface And Lower Face With Frontal Bone Injuries Using Integration Of Multilayer Perceptron (Mlp) And Logit Model Approach

Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Tang Liszen, Nor Azlida Aleng, Noraini Mohamad, Mohd Faizal Abdullah, Nur Mohamad Mohd Makhatar, Mohamad Shafiq Mohd Ibrahim, Nor Farid Mohd Noor, Farah Muna Mohamad Ghazali, Mohamad Nasarudin Adnan


A Term Weight Measures based Approach for Celebrity Profiling

Siva Nagi Reddy Kalli, B. Narendra Kumar, S. Jagadeesh

2377 - 2391

Hybrid Adaptive Deep Learning Based Human Action Recognition

Siva Nagi Reddy Kalli, V. Sidda Reddy, Rangaiah Leberu

2392 - 2403

Efficacy of vaccine and face mask in a COVID-19 enlarged SEIAQR model

Satyendra Singh Yadav, Bed Prakash Singh

2404 - 2421

Numerical Solution of non-linear mathematical model of TB/HIV Co-infection

Krishna Gopal Varshney, Yogendra Kumar Dwivedi

2422 - 2433

Advertisement Conversion Prediction in Instagram Employing Ensemble Machine Learning

M. Veeresha, Farooq Sunar Mahammad, M. Pavan Sai, C. Guru Krishna, B. Ashok Kumar, Daniel Prakash, Qhaleem

2470 - 2476

Machine Learning Based Predictive Model for Data Fusion Based Intruder Alert System

V. Lakshmi Chaitanya, Farooq sunar mahammad , G. Neelima, Godi Sri Sahitya, P. Naga Jhansi, V. Naga Vyshnavi, Malpa Saisupriya

2477 - 2483

Agricultural Domain Monitoring and Controlling Mobile Robot

Shubham Patil, Venkatesh Rajput, Yash Shah, Chetan Patil, Ganesh Shrigandhi, Gautam Narwade


Research For Some Solutions to Access Japanese Efficiently: A Case of Japanese Students FPT University

Mai Huynh Thanh Nhi, Nguyen Thi Ha Chau, Pham Tien Loc, Nguyen Hoang Lam Vu

2511 - 2519

Q Fuzzy Regular Graphs

M. Vijaya, S. Anitha

2528 - 2533

Operations on Interval-valued Binary Fuzzy Graphs

Dr. M. Vijaya, M. Asha Joyce

2534 - 2540

A Study on Bipolar Cubic Fuzzy Transition Matrices

M. Vijaya, K. Kalaiyarasan

2556 - 2568

On The Construction of Triangular Fuzzy Neutrosophic Metric Space

G. Veeramalai, M. Angayarkanni, P.Ramesh, M. Prabakaran

2577 - 2588

Type 3 Multi Fuzzy Sets

K. Hemabala, B. Srinivasa Kumar

2609 - 2618

Using Artificial Intelligence to Monitor the Emotional Pulse of Smart City Residents

Mrs. B Ganga Bhavani, Dr T V Janardhan Rao, Gudise Vidya Sagar, Gullapudi Someswara Posi Prasad, Guttula Akhila, Abbireddi Ramaa Vaishnavi

2639 - 2647

A Review of Recent Advancements In The Detection Of Driver Drowsiness

M.A. Ahmed, Harith A. Hussein, Mohammed Basim Omar, Qabas A Hameed, Shahab A. Hamdi

2657 - 2663

The Topp-Leone G- Rayleigh Rayleigh Distribution: Properties and Applications

Shoroq A. Al Sabah, Kanaan A. A. Al Quraishy

2682 - 2691

Implementation of Naive Bayes Classifier for Reducing DDoS Attacks in IoT Networks

Vanlalruata Hnamte, G.Balram, Priyanka.V, Dr. K. V. Nagendra, Naveen P

2749 - 2757

Women’s Safety Analysis on social media using Machine Learning

Mrs. B Ganga Bhavani, Ms V Bhavani, Boddu Pavan Ganesh, Bonthu Sai Kiran, Bonthu Venkata Naveen, Kallakuri Baladitya

2758 - 2767

A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying and Detecting Hazards

Mr B Srinivas, Dr Gunamani Jena, Anguluri Charukesh, Annamdevula Sai Anantha Lakshmi, Dangeti Satyanarayana Prasad, Maddisetti D Naga Lakshmi

2768 - 2775

Contemporary Methods on Text Detection and Localization from Natural Scene Images and Applications

Awatef Balobaid, Dr. S Murali Mohan, V. Mahalakshmi, Sateesh Kumar Reddy C, P. Anjaiah, M. Sudhakara,


Water Pollution is the Main Problem for Human Health

Kabindra Raj Bhattarai, Dr. Menka Bhasin


Improving the Efficiency Measurement Index Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Lecturer, Ahmed Husham Mohammed, Prof. Dr. Marwan Abdul Hameed Ashour

2818 - 2831

Jaccard Snowball Robust Regression Based Page Ranking With Big Data In Dynamic Web Environments

Mr. P. Sujai, Dr. V. Sangeetha., M.Sc., Mphil., Ph.D, Mrs. H. M. Manjula

2839 - 2854

Eigenvalue and Eigenvector of Picture Fuzzy Matrix

V.Kamalakannann,1 P. Murugadas

2855 - 2861

A Novel on Fuzzy Intrinsic Edge Conjury Graphs

A. Meenakshi, A. Kannan, M. Bramila

2862 - 2865

Model-based Testing Approaches: A Survey

Nidaa Ghalib Ali, Iman Mohammed Burhan, Keyvan Mohebbi

2879 - 2889

Bibliographical Analysis on Animal Assisted Therapy and Mental Health

Shubham Sharma; Dr. Simplejit Kaur Dhanoa

2910 - 2934

Statics on Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws in India: A Study

Siddhartha Kaikini, Kunal Agarwal, Dr. Kiran Raj, Dr. Sony Kulshrestha

2935 - 2944

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