Development of Amalgamation Approach to Strengthen Security using Watermarking.

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Neha Saini, Nitin Kumar


In the era of Information and Communication Technology, the exchange of information has increased significantly, prompting a greater need for secure communication to ensure data security. The enlargement of the internet has introduced security challenges in watermarking. With the advancements in computer networks, digital data can be easily duplicated, modified, and illicitly distributed. As a result, copyright protection for digital data has become a crucial research focus in information security. Techniques such as encryption, steganography, and watermarking are employed to provide authenticity to multimedia data. Through an extensive review of high-quality research papers, it has been discovered that various methods exist for successful implementation of digital watermarking, tailored to specific application requirements. In our implemented work, the initial phase involves collecting a high-quality dataset from reliable sources. This is followed by rigorous testing against different attacks to ensure the proposed method's robustness. Through comparative analysis, it has been observed that the proposed method yields superior results compared to existing techniques.

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