Presenting a Model for Evaluating the Operation of Urban Docks (Case Study: Tehran Bazaar (Panzdah-e-Khordad St.)

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Pouya Mahmoudi Kurdistani, Mehdi Hasanzadeh Isfah


This study aimed to present a mathematical model to evaluate the operation of urban docks. To do this, the dock located in Tehran bazaar (Panzdah-e-Khordad St., between Pamanar intersection and Mostafa Khomeini intersection) has been selected as a case study sample.The proposed mathematical model is based on Queueing theory which with the necessary data, has undergone a three-step process.Finally, it examines the operation of dock based on the density rate parameter (ρ).In this research, the value of the density rate parameter (ρ) has been calculated by applying the mathematical model for the studied dock area, and the necessary analyzes have been performed according to the obtained value.Based on the analysis, the mean time to stop of freight vehicles is high according to the number of stations and it is necessary to manage this time,and the number of stations should be increased.In addition, since the dock is not separate from the traffic route of motor vehicles and motorcycles, and as a result of traffic problems in this area, it was concluded that the dock should be separated from vehicle traffic route.

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