Geophysical Exploration Studies of Additional Structures of Asaluyeh

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Hamzeh Fallah, Alireza Ashofteh


Geology studies is a multi-stage activity that is began in a small scale and is became to large scale. With combining the results of each phase, study area gets smaller and eventually sites is selected as target for drilling, in order to achieve mineral deposits. Data resulting from studies of topography, geology, geochemistry, geophysics and drilling will achieve a tremendous amount of information that when they to be organized properly, reliable and useful results will presented. With regard to achieved progresses in the field of Geographic Information System(GIS), significant development occurred in the earth sciences, including obtaining, saving, retrieving, processing, displaying, using and sharing information of reference location. This paper investigates and analyzes appropriate sites of area exploration in Asaluyeh with using geophysical and satellite imagery as well as combining data.

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