Promoting Social Security in Old Context Spaces Using CPTED Approach (Case study of Naderi Shirvan citadel hill)

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Bahareh Izadi Shirvan


Today, with the expansion of cities, some valuable elements of urban green space, including rivers, urban forest parks, shrines, and some historical monuments, especially those located in the old part of the city, have been neglected and left Inactive. In the old part of Shirvan city, which has a history dating back to millennia and has a rich civilization, there are also significant elements that unfortunately have remained unused and are in danger of destruction. Since the study area is located in the historical context of Shirvan and Nadericitadelhill is located as an important historical monument in this area, the importance of preserving this historical-cultural monument and trying to register it in the national and global heritage and creating social security,is one of the necessities of doing this research. In the current situation analysis, SWOT analysis method and field analysis method were used; Then, based on the 5 components of CPTED and SWOT components, i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, strategies were identified and designed based on the resulting policies.

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