Designing Robust Optimization for a Scheduling Problem of Urban Rail Transit, Considering Uncertainty of Demand and Time in the Case of Tehran Metro

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Mehran Khalaj, Pejman Salehi


One of the most important issues in Tehran Metro is the planning of trains on the railway network. Over the past years, various approaches and computational tools have been proposed by various researchers to optimize the movement schedule of Tehran metro trains. However, the need to create and develop a robust approach to eliminate traffic disruptions in the Tehran metro network is still essential. To solve the traffic problems of Tehran metro railway systems, some suggestions have been made for establishing sound methods in the train schedule. In which the creation of stability based on the existing infrastructure of Tehran Metro such as the amount of demand and buffering time is considered and based on that, solutions are invented and presented. In such approaches, what is most important goes back to the components involved in setting schedules and controlling train traffic, which is dynamic and uncertain in nature and in dimensions such as train travel time, number of active trains ready for rail service. , The number of stations passed from the origin or remaining to the destination, etc ... has been considered. In this research, an attempt has been made to present a robust approach to optimize the schedule of Tehran metro trains.

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