Effecting Pheromone Decay on the Ant Colony Optimization Canny Edge Detector

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Majid R. Jebur, Luma S. Hasan


Edge is A boundary between two disjoint regions formed by a set of connected pixels. The canny edge detector is a computational edge detection operator that detects a wide range of edges in images.The determination of the threshold is the most important step in edge detection based on the Canny edge detection algorithm, on which the success of a generation of true edge maps depends. Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a society metaheuristic that can be used for a variety of optimization problems. It has been used to handle a variety of image processing issues, including image segmentation, classification, analysis, and edge detection.In this paper perform the ACO  Canny edge detector, then apply  ACOseperatly, For the color file (256*256) that is used in the algorithms. After analyzing the results of the algorithms, it was determined that the ACO is the better than ACO canny edge detecting algorithm. While the second method ACO Canny is better than the ACO when the evaporation rate is equal to 0.001. and The most effective factor in the algorithm's work is pheromone decay, as the best results were obtained when this parameter was reduced to  .

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