IoT-Smart Surgical System Treatment to Augment Safety for Hospital Management

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A. Sangeetha, S. Anitha Rajathi, Josephin Sharmila. P., M. A. Berlin, V. Prasanna Srinivasan


Based on the smart IoT, an intelligent surgical reporting system was created and implemented. The adoption of the system to write and retrieve data by health care staff saves time spent preparing forms and lowers the occurrence of mistakes, consequently enhance patient outcomes and care quality. Furthermore, this method enables all of the gathered information during the procedure to be accurately preserved and disseminated. This approach also reduced the cost of printing surgical record sheet and health‐care record sheets and may be utilised as a knowledge repository for future procedures. The surgical information will save health care staff' time by constantly storing their personal information. In order to facilitate access to the information we have also used the voice-based information access. A chat bot is also trained on the surgical data which aids as a knowledge base on the surgeries. 

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