Customer Purchase Intention on Computer Hardware and Peripheral – An Introspective Study

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Bhavya N, N S Viswanath


Several factors influence a customer while purchasing a product. With the high consumption volume of electronic products and short life cycles, decision-making before purchase becomes very crucial. There is, thus, a need for the companies to understand what factors are highly influencing customers while purchasing computer hardware and peripherals. Studies have propagated cost, features, quality, accessibility, and convenience as factors. There are studies propagating factors like lifestyle, return policy, behavioural comfort, value-added services, and sustainable purchase habits. There are, however, conflicting opinions on characteristics with behavioural factors for purchasing electronic products and peripherals. The present study aims to evaluate customers’ purchase intention on buying computer hardware and peripherals.  There are relatively few studies on reverse logistics. The logistics and its importance in business performance, sustainability and environment, and responsible consumption habits. The present study contributes to the existing literature by filling this gap. The study identifies indicators of evaluation used by customers and to what extent it influences purchase intention. The study considers 223 consumer responses towards computer hardware and peripherals in Bengaluru City. The study concludes by marking out major factors influencing return policy with a greater impact on consumer intention to buy.


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