Optimal Data Cube Materialization in Hyper Lattice Structure in Data Warehouse Environment

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Ajay Kumar Phogat, Suman Mann


      In the business intelligence field, a quick and accurate response is required for efficient decision-making, for this purpose multidimensional logical model is built as per the current business requirements. All the dimension tables are designed based on a fact table that is treated as the base cuboid in lattice structure, which is not frequently changed, but business requirements may be frequently changed over time and new dimensions are need to be added to the existing structure to fulfill the updated requirements of the business. Adding a new dimension to the lattice structure will increase the structure almost double that requires huge space. So hyper lattice is introduced to overcome the problem of huge structure in which we can add a new dimension above the base cuboid in the existing structure. To achieve the optimal space and time computation , this paper  aim to drill down and move up in hyper lattice using an efficient algorithm. There may be multiple paths in hyper lattice to reach the final view and have a different volume of storage and time computation. An efficient algorithm is proposed in this paper that can answer a huge query in the hyper lattice structure with a quick access time.

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