Communication Technologies, Smart Home Solution and Security Trends in Internet of Things

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Navdeep Lata, Dr. Raman Kumar


 Connectivity is the heart of Internet of Things (IoT). Massive growth has been seen in communication technology that has taken the Internet to the masses. These advancements in communication technology and low-power wireless technology form Internet of Things (IoT). Now, IoT is recognized as a global network of devices, networks, things, and machines. Small devices such as RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, sensors act as a backbone of IoT. These connectivity-increasing devices form IoT applications that are becoming part of daily life. The adoption of this technology is transforming the industrial as well as social workflow. Each communication technology plays its own role in terms of range, bandwidth, power consumption, cost, speed and network requirements that will deploy the specific IoT applications. Security is also a major concern. This paper presents communication technologies, namely, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, ZigBee, cellular and Wi-Fi with their role in IoT applications. Security Challenges faced by these communication technologies are also presented in this paper. Additionally, a smart home solution has been presented in terms of technology and security. Further security trends in IoT are also presented.

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