Comparison of Rendering Methods in Virtual Reality Using Mitral Valve Echocardiography

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C. Preethi, M. Mohamed Sathik, S. Shajun Nisha


In advanced medical technology, rendering methods plays an essential role in enhancing the accuracy of mitral valve abnormalities detection and replacement procedures especially in the process of virtual surgery. Consequently, the choice of rendering methods is very much important for real-time visualization of mitral valve echocardiography. This study compares two types of rendering methods in virtual reality visualization: Surface Rendering and Volume Rendering. Specifically, two rendering algorithms including Ray Casting and Marching Cubes were implemented and compared with respect to the rendering speed and interaction. These algorithms were implemented in unity platform to visualize the cardiac echo images in virtual reality. The methodologies, merits and demerits of these algorithms were discussed in detail. Based on the experimental results, rendering method can be determined according to the requirements of virtual mitral valve replacement surgery.

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