Application of Queuing Theory to Patient Satisfaction at Private Hospitals during the Dengue Fever

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Diwari Lal, Yaspal Singh


The virus that has killed so many people in Agra, Uttar Pradesh is thought to be Dengue. Soon, after Covid, it will become a major issue that generates widespread public concern. Only Agra's private hospitals are examined in this report to see why there is such a public outcry. Actually, if someone has Dengue, they need to be treated right away. However, if they cannot receive prompt treatment, they must suffer and lose their precious lives as a result, and then the hospital is blamed for not providing the treatment in a timely manner and the patient had to suffer as a result of that. Using the multi-server finite length queue model, we investigate when patients cannot receive prompt treatment and must accept their deaths, as well as how quickly the problem escalates in intensity. Every private hospital in Agra is a separate server in our network, and we examine the entire scenario to see how the situation deteriorates to its most dire stage.

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