Pythagorean Fuzzy Set and Its Application in Career Placements Using Min-Max-Min Composition

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R. Snehaa, S. Sandhiya


Any decision-making method involves some degree of uncertainity.  To deal with the uncertain environment of collective decision making, various tools and modern techniques have been proposed.  Among those techniques, Pythagorean Fuzzy sets are one of the most recently using approach for dealing with imprecision.  These sets enhance intuitionistic fuzzy sets with a wider range of applications, which is the reason for looking into their applicability in dealing with the problem of career placements.  In this paper, we examine at the concept of Pythagorean Fuzzy sets and some definitions about score and accuracy functions of fuzzy sets.  Some Pythagorean Fuzzy set properties are discussed.  The concept of a relation is established in a Pythagorean Fuzzy set termed as Pythagorean Fuzzy Relation, which is accompanied by numerical examples.  Finally, a career placement decision-making process on the proposed Pythagorean fuzzy relation called min-max-min composition can be used to determine the appropriate suitability of careers to the applicants on the basis of skills of academic performance. 

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