A New Technique for Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers

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A. Arockiasironmani, S.Santhi


Here we propose a new kind of approach to solve the fuzzy transportation problem with an imprecise environment, where the transportation costs are in the form of trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. In real life situation, because of many reasons, supply, demand, and unit transportation costs may become inconsistent. These inaccurate data can be represented as fuzzy numbers. The fuzzy numbers and values were majorly used in various fields such as experimental sciences, artificial intelligence, etc. Here, we converted the trapezoidal fuzzy numbers into crisp values by using the magnitude ranking function and by applying Max-min method the initial basic feasible solution to the fuzzy transportation problem were obtained. The numerical illustration demonstrates the new projected way for managing transportation problems on fuzzy algorithms.

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