Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

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Dr Syed Jahangir Badashah, Bhavishya Reddy. K, Likitha G , N. Usha


Robots are machines or automated task doers, that help the man with simple tasks to multiple tasks that can be done automatedly with or without the presence of the humans by adding specific program functionalities to the robots. There are different type of robots that helps humans from life-risk-based threats such as firefighting robots, patient monitoring robots, etc. These robots work on the main principle of telepresence, made possible using Virtual Reality and some networking protocols, etc. Telepresence as the word means the human can monitor the robot’s surroundings even without being present at that place. In this project, we have built a robot that helps humans to monitor the surroundings of the robot. This project is built using a VR headset, two smartphones, some specific applications (play store), a four-wheeled robotic vehicle, and Raspberry Pi as its main components. A remote controller is used to control the movement of the robot. The magnetometer and accelerometer data which are processed by Arduino and Raspberry pi are used to control the functionality of the robot. The IP address for the video monitoring through the smartphone is received through Raspberry Pi. We can also control the movement of the robot using the head movement i.e., left or right with the help of a VR headset. Dual-screen mode is enabled using the dual-split browser app in the smartphone. Using this the operator can experience virtual reality using the VR headset.

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