A Survey on Public-Key and Identity-Based Encryption Scheme with Equality Testing over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing

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Dr. M. Gobi, B. Arunapriya


Cloud computing is a high demanding technology since the users and their data are increasing extremely day-by-day. Through an extensive utilization of cloud computing and storage devices, sensitive data is increasingly centralized into the cloud for reducing the maintenance cost which increases concerns about data privacy. One of the promising techniques to maintain the confidentiality of outsourced sensitive data is encryption schemes, however effective data utilization and also an efficient searching on encrypted data in cloud security are still challenging processes. Over the decades, many encryption techniques, namely Public-Key Encryption (PKE) and Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) with keyword searching and Equality Testing (ET) have been adopted to tackle those challenges over the encrypted data, but Private Matching (PM) over encrypted data is still difficult. In this paper, different researches based on PKEET and IBEET schemes in cloud computing are briefly studied which are utilized for data authorization and privacy-preserving. In addition, a comparative analysis is conducted to address the limitations in those schemes and suggest a further solution to tackle the identified issues. This survey helps us to overcome the PM over encrypted data in IBEET schemes and simplify the certificate management.

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