An Efficient Enhanced Dynamic Load Balancing Weighted Round Robin Algorithm for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing

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Syed Abuthahir S., Subash Chandra Bose Jaganathan, Ramesh Saha, Sivakoumar R., Galeebathullah B., S. Kannadhasan


Cloud Computing is A Remarkable technology in the IT field Various services are provided by the cloud computing over the internet. According to the usage computing resource services IT charges in the cloud Yahoo, Amazon, Google are some of the cloud used organisations which are having number of users.Cloud Computing is an internet based computing approach.So there is a sharing of applications resources and software in between the computing devices.Mentioning of loads in cloud environment is most challenging issue.Balancing of float in the main intention in making of visual machine balance which not be overload or underload.An efficient and its dynamic load balancing weighted Round Robin algorithm for virtual machine in cloud computing is presented in this paper.Task or uses the modified algorithm of inspired Honey Bee behaviour and for balancing the workload on virtual machine uses the modified Round Robin Algorithm in the cloud system.By using this energy system performance is improved minimum completion time can be achieved and better resources are utilized.The efficiency of this load balancing method is better than the previous methods.

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