A Secure EHR Protection Strategy by Hybrid Encryption Scheme with Permissioned Blockchain

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Ms. Nilima V. Pardakhe, Dr. V. M. Deshmukh


Background: The digitization of conventional medical information makes medical institutions suffer from some challenges in storing and sharing Electronic health records (EHRs). Accessing the patient's medical history is significant for appropriately prescribing the medication.

Objectives: The major aim of the paper is to implement a hybrid meta-heuristic-based Ciphertext Policy-Attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) based on permissioned blockchain to ensure data confidentiality and access control of medical data

Methods: Here, the hybrid algorithm is developed called Hybrid Deer Grasshopper Hunting Optimization (HGHO), which is used to perform the attribute optimization in CP-ABE. Hence, the ciphertext size, the encryption cost, and the communication cost are reduced through the optimization concept.

Conclusions: Finally, the performance evaluation confirms the proposed scheme's reliability and robustness compared to existing standard constructions.

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