SS-LEACH: Stable and Secure LEACH Protocol for Energy Efficient CH and Secure Data Communication in WSNs

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Ravi Kumar Sanapala, Srineevasa Rao Duggirala


This article proposes a stable and secure LEACH (SS-LEACH), in which a new and improved protocol of LEACH is proposed for enhancing the stability of CH and energy efficiency as it considers the nodes’ consumed energy ratio (CER) for CH selection and random number generation, here after the proposed LEACH is named as CER-LEACH. In addition, it aims to prevent the previously elected CH node and it will get another chance in the current round. This method correlates the threshold used in traditional LEACH with the energy consumption ratio of each node. Further, it also introduces a hybrid reputation-based data transmission (HRDT) scheme for secure data transmission. With the proposed CER-LEACH protocol, WSNs achieves better performance in terms of secured communication, network lifetime, and energy consumption based on the analysis of simulation results as compared to state-of-art approaches.

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