Effects of Dufour and Hall on MHD Flow past a Linearly Accelerated Vertical Plate with variable Temperature and Mass Diffusion

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S. Constance Angela, A. Selvaraj


This article goes into further detail about electrically conducting incompressible viscous fluid in an electrically conducting medium with no scattering properties, which is described in greater detail. In this issue, the Laplace Transforms Technique was used to do a combined analysis of the “Dufour Effect and the Hall Effect” on a for components such as temperature, velocity, and concentration. For a range of “parameters such as Schmidt Number, Magnetic Field Parameters, Time, and Prandtl Number, the magneto hydrodynamic” flow over a vertical plate with changing temperature and mass diffusion that has been linearly increased is graphically represented. Furthermore, we used MATLAB software to create the principles of fluid flow equations as well as the Grashof Number, which was used in the equations.


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