Development of Augmented reality-based object recognition mobile application with Vuforia

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Qabas A Hameed, Harith A. Hussein, M.A. Ahmed, Mohammed Basim Omar


Augmented Reality (AR) applications based on object recognition are the focus of interest for many researchers. AR technique incorporates an intelligent display, 3d registration, virtual and reality conjunction, and tracking via handheld or wearable devices, allowing the virtual information to be completely anchored with the users' actual scene, thus improving the perceived view.This paper utilizes Unity 3D gaming software to develop an AR application to recognize and track physical objects using the functionality of the Vuforia engine. It can place animation and text.To measure object recognition performance, experiments were conducted at different distances and several settings of light intensity of the object. The results indicated that Vuforia could recognize objects excellently in several settings, with a success rate of 85.9%. The recognition success rate is strongly impacted by the intensity of the light and object size and the number of feature points of the objects.the result also shows that the objects cannot be detected in dark lighting

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