Youth trends towards entertainment marketing in the television competition program

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Dr. Afnan Mohammed Shaban


The research deals with the study of young people’s attitudes towards entertainment marketing in the TV competition programme, and it aims to identify young people’s attitudes towards entertainment marketing in TV competition programmes, and determine the extent to which young people watch TV competition programmes, the level of youth exposure to TV competition programmes, and the motives behind watching competition programmes. The questionnaire to measure trends was distributed to a sample of (200) male and female students from\ the University of Baghdad, and the statistical program spss was used to analyze the results, and the research reached several results, including that the percentage of viewing competition programs, especially artistic and lyrical, and the sample watching programs motivated by entertainment and entertainment, There is no significant correlation between demographic variables and watching TV competition programmes, and there are differences in the demographic variables of the sample towards the motives for watching TV competition programmes, with the exception of the gender variable, and there is great agreement on the attitudes of young people towards the entertainment marketing of TV competition programmes.

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