Home Ctrl ware: Design and Fabrication of Home Automation System

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Atit Dharmendra Patel, Ayush Kuamr Shah, Partha Jyoti Sarmah, Mahantesh Koda Bagi


Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology has existed for a very long time and its applications in the real world are highly impressive and helpful to the individual and the society as a whole. Home automation (HA) is an implementation of IoT technology. IoT can help make life easier to live for the people who require constant monitoring or have limited mobility, smart devices in their home can help them in doing complex task like check who is at the front door and allow them inside without getting up from their place. IoT can also be useful for normal tasks like you can check the temperature of your home and then the sensors automatically control the fan speed to manage the temperature of the room. IoT can allow a user to control, monitor, and automate the devices that user wants to. This is a paper on how to design and implement a simple but extensible home automation system. For this project we will be making use of Lolin NodeMCU v3 which uses ESP8266 module to connect to the internet. We will be making a dynamic website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL to control and monitor the home automation devices in real-time. The website after being developed can be deployed to any of the web hosting service that the user wants. We will be using 000webhost web hosting service in this project to host our website and MySQL server. At the end of the project, we will be able to design, build and deploy a home automation system that has multiple sensors and devices connected to the internet, that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

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