Smart Vehicle Accident Alert System

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Dr.M.Nirmala, Arjun K, Sunil Kumar R, Karthikeyan S


Nowadays Road accident causes serious issues and many people's lives are at risk in their day-to-day life. Due to the rapid growth in science and technology, every problem which arises in today's world can be easily tackled. Road accidents are occurring at a high rate in today's world. India ranks 1st in the number of road accidents death across 199 countries followed by the U.S and China. In 2019 alone India accounts for a total of 4,49,002 road accidents reported by state union territory. Most death cases are mainly due to a lack of medical support. Even if they ended up causing accidents in remote areas, they never get medical support immediately. Due to the delay in reporting the accident, there is always some delay in ambulance arrival at the location of the accident. Thus, to prevent the delay and to get proper medical support, there must be an emergency working model which would send an exact location of the accidental zone to the nearby hospitals and police stations. With the use of modern technology, developing an automatic alert system that sends the location of the accidental zone to the nearby hospitals through GPS/GSM can be achieved and can save precious time and provide a sustainable environment where no lives can be at risk. The camera captures the accident, which can be later analyzed for investigation.  The effectiveness of the proposed project is examined using PROTEUS software and simulation results are analysed.

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