Factors Influencing Customers' Intentions to Continue Banks' Digital Payment Services

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Shilpa Agarwal, Dr. Priyanka Malik, Dr. Shalini Gautam


This study was undertaken to explore the determinants which affects the customer’s intention to continue digital payment services. The ECM model was extended by using security and responsiveness. The conceptual model of the study was tested on 350 respondents using Partial Least Squares Structured Equation Modelling. The current study looked at how perceived security, responsiveness, and usefulness influenced the quality of digital payment services, digital payment customer satisfaction, and consumers' intentions to use these digital payment services. The findings indicate that perceived security, responsiveness, customer satisfaction and service quality have a significant impact on customers' willingness to continue using digital payments whereas perceived usefulness is not found to have a statistically significant impact on service quality towards digital payment services. Responsiveness found to be the most significant predictor of service quality while security is found to be the most significant predictor of customer satisfaction towards digital payment services. The present research provides a guide to the banking sector and helps them to identify the factors which contribute towards the intention of customers to continue digital payments services. The findings of the study also demonstrate that marketing managers and analysts have enormous potential to capitalize on these opportunities and plan for the long-term success of digital payment systems.

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