Study of physical and mechanical properties for natural fiber composites under varying stacking sequence using natural rubber latex resin

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Senthil Kumar P, Jegadheesan C, Vinothini R, Abynanth, Ajit Pal Singh, N. Jeyaprakash


Hybrid composites of varying fibers stacking sequences are manufactured under hot compression moulding process using natural rubber latex resin. The study focus on the physical and mechanical properties of new hybrid composites under different stacking sequences using natural resin as binder. The properties of the different ply are compared with each other giving results on based on their interfacial bonding between the fibers and the resin. The fiber composites are tested for water absorption, tensile, flexural, Impact and hardness tests. The properties are found better than mono or single fiber laminates or with glass fiber reinforced composites. The fracture or breaking points are noted in order to identify the crack development and propagation. Natural rubber resin bonding is to be dried and heated at constant temperature in order to increase the interfacial bonding.

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