Mobile Banking Use by Rural Students

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Mr. Gosala Raju, Dr. Irala Lokanandha Reddy


Determinants of mobile banking adoption research have been received great attention among researchers and financial institutions around the globe. In India, mobile banking is comparatively new and at an early stage. Research on determinants of mobile banking adoption provides crucial information to financial service providers. A number of research studies were conducted in the urban context. But in the rural context, no studies were found in the literature. This study examined the proposed model of determinants of mobile banking adoption in the rural area with a sample size of 351 using SEM. Empirical results found that the perceived ease of use is a major determining factor of mobile banking among rural students, followed by self-efficacy, social influence, credibility, and perceived usefulness. This study provides significant information to the financial institutions about the design and delivery of more suitable financial products to the rural people to reduce urban and rural differences.

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