Spatial Clustering with Dynamic Hops for Data routing in WSN for Enhanced QoS Metrics

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Panchikattil Susheelkumar, Jayant Nandwalkar, Dnyandeo Pete, Shubhangi Vaikole, Sachin Shinde


Space and time correlation is more pronounced in data centric wireless sensor networks. One of the approaches towards energy sustenance in wireless sensor network is to identify the nodes with similar readings and maintain the orderly collection of data from such nodes in a time dispersed manner so as to enhance the network lifetime. We try to take advantage of spatial-correlation and apply the same in cluster formation process. Here, we have suggested a scheme or algorithm towards Spatial correlation based clustering and an election of cluster-head determined by the position of cluster-members with reference to Base Station location, node’s residual-energy, summative distance of propagation from each cluster-member to cluster head. Also the routing algorithm adopts a dynamic two hop or three hop route to reach the sink or base-station, thereby contributing to the energy efficiency and improved lifetime of sensor network in comparison to that seen in standard schemes or algorithms like Low Energy Adaptive-Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), Stable-Election-Protocol (SEP) and Distributed Energy-Efficient-Clustering (DEEC) Protocol.

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