Outfit Recommendation – Using Image Processing

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Soham Nair, Krish Patil, Harsh Waghela, Dr. Suvarna Pansambal


Recommendation systems are strategies for predicting an individual's evaluation of an item or social institution. Books, movies, restaurants, and other products on which people have differing opinions can be included. On e-commerce platforms with many options, an effective recommendation system is needed to sort, order, and efficiently communicate relevant product material or information to users. FRS’s (image-based fashion recommendation systems) have gotten a lot of interest from fast fashion retailers since they give customers a more personalised buying experience. When going out in the real world, it is critical to dress appropriately. Wearing clothes that have some amount of flair and that comply to societal standards boosts a person's confidence and makes a favourable impression. In this paper we have proposed a fashion recommendation system which will revolutionize the e-commerce industry. This proposed system will make it more accessible to the user the type of outfit the individual is looking for by just uploading an image similar to which the individual wants recommendation for.

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