Hybrid model for Protocol Independent Secure Video Transmission using improvised OSLR with optimized MPR and DYDOG

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Ravi Shanker Sharma, Bright Keswani, Dinesh Goyal


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a group of mobile nodes with changing topological network structures. The mobility of nodes affects the energy level of these nodes which further affects the different QoS parameters of MANET like average delay, Packet delivery ratio, Average throughput etc. At the same time, malicious nods might execute an attack by flooding the network with wrong data or by forestalling different nodes from getting a complete network topology map which further affects QoS parameters. The proactive protocols like OLSR, TORA, AODV etc. are not designed to address these network and security issues at the same time. In this paper, a new hybrid approach is proposed to ensure secure video streaming over MANET that can optimize delay and energy utilization in OLSR, by considering the mobility of nodes as well as to improve the security by dealing with different malicious node attacks like wormhole, black hole and packet replication, that can be achieved with encryption techniques like AES, digital signature etc.

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