Security Assaults, Its Counter Measures and Difficulties over a Sensor Cloud

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Vijayasanthi Maddela, Ashok Patel, K. Rangaswamy, K. Reddy Madhavi


Sensor hubs in a Wireless Sensor Network include sound sensors, camera sensors, temperature sensors, proximity sensors, movement sensors, light sensors, shade sensors, and accelerometer sensors. Sensor hubs have several limitations, including restricted memory, power, and handling. W.S.N.'s capabilities have expanded significantly in recent years and include social insurance monitoring, disaster detection, military applications, savvy home inspection, and alert urban communities, among other things. Despite its various applications, adaptability, hub control, asset booking, board portability, and security are some of the research difficulties with W.S.N. Increasing the number of sent sensors to fulfil demand is difficult with the growing popularity of W.S.N. applications. In this approach, cloud and virtualization can help with the problem. Sensor Cloud is the result of combining cloud and W.S.N. One of the research issues that sensor clouds encounter is security. This study, reported in this publication, focuses on a few of the most severe security breaches in sensor clouds.

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