E- Recruitment and E- Selection Process Improves the E- Human Resource Management activities in Information Technology Companies in Hyderabad

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Ms. Koudagani Mamatha, Dr. Kiran Kumar Thoti, Arshiya Sultana, Ms. Koudagani Mamatha


The study objectives were to interview the relationship between the E- Recruitment and E-Selection process in the Information Technology (IT) MNC Companies in Hyderabad. E- Recruitment primary process starts with identify the job needs, Job analysis, job specification, job description, attracting the applicants to apply for the job screening the profile of the job applicants or seekers and interview the application according to the needs of the organization. The process of E-Recruitment process is length in the 2000 to 2010 due to manual process. After 2010 onwards, the process of the recruitment easier by adopting the E- Recruitment strategies for the Information Technology. At present in 2020 onwards, the recruitment process become must be easier by involving the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the E- Recruitment process. The E- Recruitment and E- Selection process is work together for the effective function of the E- Human resource management. The research is based on the two independent variables E- Recruitment process and E- selection process on the dependent variable E- Human resource management process with the special study on the Information Technology companies i.e., Multinational Companies (MNC) located in the capital of Telangana, Hyderabad. The scholar collected the research data from the employees working in software companies in Hyderabad. The scholar prepared the questionnaries was using five-point Likert scale. The scholar uses the reliability test, validity test and factor analysis test to find the relationship between the e-recruitment and e-selection process on e-hrm process in IT MNC companies in Hyderabad from 190 samples.


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