Mathematical Modelling of Fuzzy Controlled Multilevel Inverter for Unified Power Quality Conditioner

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Dr.Baskar Srinivasan, Nageswara Rao Gotivada


The Unified Power Quality Conditioner can help reduce grid harmonics caused by nonlinear loads linked in transmission lines (UPQC). The Fuzzy Logic Controller is said to be used by the proposed Multilevel Inverter (MLI) to alleviate concerns with power quality on the load side, according to UPQC. The fuzzy logic controller is more reliable and accurate than the proportional integer (PI) controller. H bridge MLI suppresses harmonics in grid, whereas UPQC controls voltage drop and rise on transmission lines to enhance power quality (grid). MATLAB-Simulink is used to determine how the load maintains a steady voltage and how much electricity is delivered.     

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