FLGA Based Best Route Finding for Route Preview Management

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Preethi D, Ms. Sasikala D


The system deals with the optimization of vehicle routing problem in which multiple depots, multiple customers, and multiple tollgate are considered. Since the total traveling time is not always restrictive as a time window constraint, the objective in this regard it comprises not only the cost due to the total traveling distance, but also the cost due to the total traveling time. The multidepot vehicle routing problem is one of the common optimization problems in the logistics area. In a real-world environment, drivers choose the shortest route to reach a destination since they assume that it should take the shortest time to travel the shortest route. However, if some events such as traffic congestions, sometime unexpected thing happen in the shortest route, the traveling time spent on this route can be greater than that on the longer route. We propose a stochastic search technique called FLGA to solve the problem. Based on the promising computational results obtained in this proposed system, the proposed model and technique will be effective for industries to be applied in solving real-world problems. It also an unique module to show whether any meeting is on the way chosen by the traveler. If any meeting is found the user can change his route at the place of where the user stays.

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