Web Based Covid-19 Severity Tracker and Analyzer Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm

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Ms. Kavusiga T, Ms. Prabha N


Covid 19 is an extremely infectious virus. In the current pandemic situation common peoples have more doubts in the symptoms of Covid 19 virus like fever, cough, head ache, etc. Since these are the similar coughs the common people may not that they are affected by Covid 19 virus. Some people have fear of isolation by the government. So they many not done for the RTPCR or RAT test on right time. Since they delay they will spread the Sars Covid 19 virus to the other people. The novel system has produced in order to track the severity of the covid 19 infection. The user can log into this website to provide their symptom levels. The given data will be provided by a optimal values. These optimal values form an unique cluster value in order to find the infected proportion. The end user can valuate this proportion to identify themselves as low level, medium level or critical level patients for Sars Covid 19 virus. According to their infection level they will be redirected government personnel.

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