A Crossbreed Data Storage for Sheltered Data Duplication

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Ms. Hema G , Ms. Manohari K


An information merchant has entrusted sensitive information to a group of people who are most likely experts (outsiders). A chunk of the data is leaked and discovered in an unauthorised location. The wholesaler should assess the likelihood that the spilled knowledge came from at least one specialist, rather than being assembled independently by several means. The proposed approach for sharing information that is based on similar distinguishing spillages. It is not reliant on the information being presented being adjusted. Now, record information must be shared with a usage restriction and should have complete access control from the sender side. The recipient can access the shared data by entering a valid private key. The data will not be shared with the end user if the user inputs an invalid key. The sender must share the data with some limitations, such as the number of times it can be accessed.

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