A Survey and Analysis on Online Social Networks

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R.Sudha, Dr.N.Uma Maheswari, Dr.R.Venkatesh,


Social network analysis is a multidisciplinary research covering informatics, mathematics, sociology, management, psychology, etc. In the last decade, the development of online social media has provided individuals with a fascinating platform of sharing knowledge and interests. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, online social networks (OSNs) offer incredible opportunities for social connection, learning, political and social change, and individual entertainment and enhancement in multiple contexts. Though OSNs are highly beneficial, it suffers from different kinds of malicious bots (e.g., spammers, fake followers, social bots, and content polluters). Malicious bots have abused the power of OSNs such as Twitter, Face book, and Weibo continuously caused significant disturbance to the overall online social environment and shaped unhealthy trends, bias, and misbelieve in societies. These social networks have many challenges like community detection based on the user behavior, influential nodes etc., In this paper, these two challenges have been taken and compared against various parameters.

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