Form Based Regulations as An Effective Tool to Build Green Cities and Improve Quality of Living

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Vinodh Vijayakumar, angeetha S P


In the race for development especially in the urbanizing part of the world, much damage has been done to the natural resources, culture, identity, health, and its consequences are rampant in the Quality of Life of the people. It is imperative that we build systematic tools to regulate the development in a manner it is conducive to life and co-existence of all living beings in the current complex territorial system of urban environment. Urban Planning as a discipline has been in vogue for several decades now, and the interpretations of the traditional descriptive regulations in most circumstances have not brought the intended structured change to the urban environment. The Form Based Regulations will prove to be a viable alternative in providing the requisite structure and framework for development considering its versatility and clarity it can provide in shaping the urban environment at all scales without loosing the merits of traditional building codes.

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