Analytical Investigation of Hybrid Fibbers in Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Cyclic Loading

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M.Vadivel, Dr.J.Brema


“Fiber reinforced concrete is the mostly commonly used special type of concrete. In fiber reinforced concrete mostly one fibers are used. In this investigation, an study is made to analyses the behavior of fiber reinforced concrete by hybridization of fibers. In this investigation polypropylene fiber and steel fiber are used in hybridization form to find the flexural behavior of fiber reinforced concrete beams under cyclic loading. A total of six mixes were prepared in which one mix is a conventional concrete. Two mixes were in mono fiber formation of 0.5% steel fiber and 0.5% of polypropylene fiber. Another three mixes were in hybrid formation of 0.12% steel fiber with 0.38% polypropylene fiber, 0.25% steel fiber with 0.25% polypropylene fiber and 0.38% steel fiber and 0.12% polypropylene fiber respectively. On analyzing the flexural behavior both by experimental investigation and by using ANSYS, it was found that the mix in the hybridation formation have more flexural properties.”

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