Fresh Concrete Property Studies & Mechanical Property Studies Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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M.Vadivel, Dr. J. Brema


“Concrete with numerous short irregular separate low and high modulus fiber is one amongst the distinctive and elite exhibition concrete. Advancement of such substantial builds the wide use of fiber designed up concrete in several framework applications. during this beta review, low modulus and high modulus filaments are used to foster the crossover fiber supported cement. Steel fiber is taken as high modulus fiber and plastic, reused polythene terephthalate fiber is taken as an occasional modulus fiber. completely 10 blends were used for examination together with ancient cement. Three mono fiber blends created utilizing steel, polypropene and reused polythene terephthalate strands with 0.5% volume half. Six crossover fiber utilizing steel fiber and polypropene fiber with 3 distinct volume division and steel fiber and reused polythene terephthalate fiber with 3 distinctive volume portion was utilised being scrutinized. mix in with 0.25% volume portion steel fiber and 0.25% volume division polypropene fiber show higher compared to totally different blends."

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