Secure Automated Money Transfer Protocol for Trusted Centres

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M. Deepika, Ms.L. Sugirtha


Secure Automated Money Transfer Protocol for Trusted Centers is a web based project which is used pays the user’s bill automatically on mentioned date.  Using this proposed system the users can pay their dues without late fee.  Now a day the user has to pay lots of payment for internet, mobile, insurance, EB. Etc.  These payments are available in online.  But in some occasions the user can’t make their payment on mentioned date.  So the user as to pay some penalty fee for late. To avoid these things this project provides a new space to transact the amount in secure way.  In order to pay the amount the user has to register their name and account details with the bank and the user should set the payment bill date.  So that the vendor can receive their bills from the users account by automatic money transfer.

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