Usage LSB Method in Hiding Text Information within Text in an Image

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Sahar Najah Hussein, Khansaa Azeez Obayes Al-Husseini, Ali Hamzah Obaid


At present, hiding messages and information sent via the Internet and social networking sites has become an urgent need with the development of hackers' methods in revealing hidden information. This paper presents a new hybrid approach to hiding information, including text steganography and image steganography techniques. First, this approach hides information that represents a text message in text using the inter-word spacing technique. Then, hiding the stego text in the image using the LSB method. The proposed method used a new approach to increasing the capacity of the stego text to be able to carry more letters of the message. Also, using that approach to reduce the pixels that are used to hide the stego text in the cover image. The results of the system are illustrated using the PSNR metric to measure the rate of error between the original image and the cover image.

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