Study on Approaches for Geospatial Data Security

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Prof. Prajakta Bhangale, Dr. Shubhangi Vaikole


Geospatial data is very sensitive data. The GIS data model should provide make sensitive dataset available to authorized users only and preserve the access for insensitive data from same database to general users. To secure sensitive data from any unauthorized modifications and maintain its confidentiality, a strong encryption method with limited resources should be developed. Available encryption techniques for GIS data security are dealing with encryption technologies for GIS data based on watermarking, symmetric key cryptography techniques, and chaotic maps etc. which are useful for copyright protections. Geospatial data is used widely for many data sensitive applications like defence management, power grids, business decision making, tracking of   events and activities using IoT devices etc. These systems are all vulnerable to various cyber-attacks, intrusions. It leads to incorrect information and affects business decisions

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