Parametric Optimization of Manufacturing of Aluminum Die Casting Hot Die Steel Inserts

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Sachin Shinde, Shubhangi Vaikole, Panchikattil Susheelkumar Sreedharan, Jayant Ramesh Nandwalkar


This paper focuses on providing economical methods for manufacturing of hot die steel inserts, for various optimized solutions developed the constraint of the existing manufacturing setup is also considered. The techniques are implemented on a pressure die casting moving die insert component. The present optimized solution is derived for manufacturing rope length minimization of the die casting inserts (moving and fixed die) to get optimized solutions at every stage. The implementation of combined electrode, combined assembly machining and the cluster plate machining techniques are the key development done in the research. Combined electrodes, assembly machining along with cluster machining of the electrodes reduce the total physical operational time of the die which will ultimately leads to saving the overall manufacturing cost and increase the profit The proposed solution opens up new avenues for similar automobile components by setting benchmark to decrease the rope length associated to manufacturing and increase the profit.

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