Optimization Of Process Parameters for Tray Dried Broccoli Powder for The Development of Protein Rich Pizza Base

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Poojitha P, Sathanya P S, Divyadharshini S, Ishwarya K, Gowrishankar L, Abishek M, Chinmay Hrithik S N S, Balakrishnaraja R, Sureshkumar J


Researchers have shown that broccoli benefits are growing tremendously due to its awareness among the people. People who are concerned about their health are moving forward to change their food habits. Even if the new products that are evolving into the market are suddenly dropped out due to the various health defects in human life. The optimization studies is the first and foremost analysis for the raw material because the processed product shows different characteristics while processing. In this paper work detailing the optimization of the process in the tray drying the broccoli powder at the two different temperatures namely 60℃ and 70℃ for the development of protein rich pizza base. The broccoli optimization studies are done with the working principle of the analysis and calculation are made with respect to the values. The dryer analysis are carried out to interpret the efficiency of three types of dryers: tray drier, cabinet –tray drier and microwave dryer. As a result of analysis and interpretation the broccoli powder which is dried at 60℃ gives the best results over the combination with the millet powder. Development of the product with the optimized parameters are giving the diet supplement with processed food like pizza.

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