Image Cryptography Based on Image Processing Technique and Classification Algorithm

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Mustafa K. Ibrahim, Farah T. Mohammed


Data security is a set of means, actions and measures that we can take to protect our information, whether internal or external, in order not to allow it to be hacked or to not allow unauthorized people to access this information. Image encryption is one of the well-known mechanisms for maintaining the security and confidentiality of information. This medium is vulnerable to attacks, and thus effective encryption algorithms are essential to protect and transmit data securely. Encryption is one of the widely used types of protection to secure information, and the use of keys is a common process used to secure information. The strength and effectiveness of encryption depends on two main factors: (the algorithm, the length of the key in bits), the higher the bit, the more secure and difficult to decrypt. Image encryption is one of the most widely used methods to protect and secure data, to make the encrypted image impenetrable for cryptanalysis. In this paper, a new  system and method is proposed to achieve data security using modern block cipher, symmetric key (International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)), image processing techniques and classification algorithm.The implementation procedure is divided into two steps (key generation based on image processing techniques and classification algorithm, encryption and decoding), with metrics the objectivity is implemented on the images and the scale difference is observed in each of the images specified in each of the images mentioned algorithms.

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