Exploration of Various Feature Extraction Techniques using ORL Database

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Umamaheswari D., Dr. E. Karthikeyan


            A digital image is a two-dimensional bitmapped or raster image that has been quantified. Photographs, documents, and other types of digital images can be used in various activities. The ability to change, distort, and sometimes harm digital photos is more and more common as technology advances. Many graphics manipulating softwares such as GIMP and Photoshop are being utilized for making drastic alterations that are difficult to spot.Feature extraction is conducted to the relevant items in order to determine the image's originality, and classifiers are used to categorize them into specified classes using the current approaches. In order to recognize facial photos, the effectiveness of feature extraction techniques is essential. This paper describes how to get the best feature extraction and how it works with the best classifiers.

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