Recursive Equation Approach of Information Hiding for Authentication of Digital Data

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Ruchika Sharma, Dr. Vinay Kumar


As the Information communication technology advances, it has become crucial to ensure the originality of digital content. This paper focuses on using recursive equation approach of steganography to ensure authenticity of digital content. This is achieved by embedding hash value of the digital data in the same digital file. In this paper, we have taken 24 bit BMP files to implement the concept. We have used recursive equation of any order as key to find pixel location in the BMP file to embed the 128 bit MD5 value of the BMP file before its transmission. At the receiving end the MD5 is extracted from the zero bytes of BMP file and the original bits in extra bytes are restored before computing the MD5 value of the received and restored BMP. The two MD5 values are compared. Equality of the value authenticates the originality of BMP file.        


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