Improving the quality of road projects for Kirkuk Governorate in the Republic of Iraq

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Prof. Faiq M. S. Al-zwainy, Ayad Hussien Mustafa


Aim to this search to study the reality of the state of quality control of road projects and in the republic of Iraq in general and Kirkuk governorate in particular, and what are the reasons for deviation in quality control, what are the benefits and obstacles of quality control on those projects, and what are the critical success factors in applying quality management to road projects in this governorate? and evaluation this indeed at a light foundations scientific to adjust the quality at projects construction, and that to reach to me group of conclusions and recommendations which Aims to me upgrade process improve quality construction projects to level better and to develop reality administration the quality at section roads and improve it at Iraq . Done The performance so from during plural data necessary for road questionnaire The open and personal interview was used the nominal group of fifteen engineers who have experience in the field of roads as well as from during homeliness field for some projects roads in kirkuk governorate as well a visit to the Kirkuk construction laboratory was done through it benefit from documents this is projects at this research.


             And it became clear from the research that the quality management in road projects in Kirkuk governorate suffers from some shortcomings, the most important of which is the lack of efficient staff specialized in quality control work, and the lack of statistical methods for modeling processes, in addition to other factors such as the lack of an information system for quality control and the assignment of contractors to the lowest bids. Lack of qualification of laboratories examining ISO requirements, lack of clarity of design requirements, lack of clarity of technical specifications, poor engineering awareness of the importance of quality control for engineers, absence of courses and periodic awareness and training programs related to quality, and absence of coordination meetings between project parties. These reasons are considered among the important reasons that, if any, contribute to the poor quality of road projects. Finally, the research reviewed some solutions and proposals that could contribute to avoiding some quality management problems in these projects.

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